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Bingo is a card game that is played by marking the numbers in the card with a particular order or pattern that is announced by the host who conducts the game. The numbers are called out in random. The first player who has the numbers marked in that order call out as “B-I-N-G-O” indicating his win. The host verifies his number pattern and announce as winner. The game is designed to have more than one winner. Bingo card and rules differ from country to country based on the country in which you play.


In America, to win in bingo, the player has to mark the squares in a horizontal or vertical row or even in diagonal order. They are played in 5*5 row cards. The word BINGO is marked above each row that is vertically arranged. The balls are generated at the random number. These balls are 75 in number that are randomly picked from the auto shuffler. The combination of letter and number also coordinate with the squares on the card very rarely.

  • BINGO in UK & Australia

    In United Kingdom, the game is won when the lines on the card are matched in order, which could be single, double or all the three lines. The cards have the number arranged as 3*9 rows. These numbers are marked as squares. The balls are also randomly generated or picked by the game host. These balls are 90 in number. Money you win by matching the numbers also varies by the number of squares marked horizontally when the numbers are called out randomly. These online bingo sites are mostly sold in the form of “books” or “flyers”. Each flyer or book has 10 bingo cards with a unique color on its own.

  • Playing Bingo at Casino’s in US

    In United States, the bingo games are offered by Bingo halls. These bingo halls are located in the same location as casinos. Casinos also offer bingo games. The main goal of playing bingo is to attract the local players. They are offered as one hour sessions at the fixed time, which are usually non-peak hours of the day. These sessions are generally conducted from 9 am till 11 pm on fixed time. Most of the casinos offer the bingo hours at 9am, 11 am, 1pm paced at regular intervals. The winners at the time slots can win modest amount at each sessions. Coverall jackpots are also announced but it’s very rare compared to the small amount wins. The casinos that offer bingo exclusively is often referred as “Bingo Parlors”. Most of the Bingo parlors use the modern hand held devices to play bingo than the paper bingos..

Station Casino & Fiesta Casino

Station casinos in Las Vegas are the casinos that operate for only the people who live in their state. This local oriented casino offer a special game called as “Jumbo”. This “Jumbo” is designed for a major jackpot. It allows locals to win a very large amount that increases the casino’s profit with the local crowd. This is allows the casino to have a steady profit irrespective of the holiday season. On the contrary, the fiesta casino has bingo cards only in the paper and not on hand held devices.

  • 1 Bingo to Win Jackpot - High Stakes The games that are played for the higher stakes are offered by the casinos to attract the players from distant places. Even some of the jackpot games are played by linking the players from different bingo halls. Some of the bingo halls also link the players from different casinos and clubs through telephone. With the increase in number of players, the odds of players winning the jackpot is reduced. The winning amount is also high with these games. These bingo halls are linked to a network that caters different structure for winning and large stakes
  • 2 eBingo Centers With the recent development in casinos that are luxurious, the Bingo halls faced the loss in revenue. In order to boost the revenue from bingo halls, the eBingo centers were introduced. eBingo centers allowed its players to play bingo in computer at their own pace. Electronic bingo also helped to attract larger number of audience. Ontario was one of the affected areas with the loss from $250 million to $50 million. Now it has five local eBingo Centers.